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QuickHash v3.0.2 released for all platforms

I am pleased to announce the release of v3.0.2 of QuickHash for Windows, OSX and Linux. This is a maintenance release that addresses several bugs; one of which was quite important. As reported HERE , a user pointed out that path lengths were being truncated over a certain length. He rightly thought it was due to the Windows MAX_PATH value, but in fact it affected all values over 128 characters. This was a bug introduced with v3.0.0 which had not been noticed as most users probably wouldn't have been impacted by this. Nevertheless, there will be users who were. It [...]

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Important bug identified

Users are asked to be aware of a newly identified bug where, it transpires, the display grids of the FileS and Copy tabs are being truncated for the filename and/or path values are being truncated if the content exceeds 128 characters. It does not impact on the tools ability to find and hash files, but it does render some of the display output and saved CSV files as lacking full details. I have identified the problem and working on a fix. It will be corrected with v3.0.2 and I will try to get that released as soon as I [...]

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The “Code signed vs non-codesigned” poll

For a few months in 2017 I cast a poll to determine how interested users would be in a digitally codesigned version of Quickhash, in exchange for a small fee. In recent years, IT security has got serious! Especially with Apple Mac OSX, iPhones, and with the introduction of Windows 10 a couple of years ago. No longer can you just download and launch any program you like on a modern computer operating system. If you are able to launch it at all, even on a domestic computer, you often have to click several "Are you sure?" and "Are [...]

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v3.0.1 in the Making and an Update

UPDATE : 3rd Feb 2018 : V3.0.1 is out now So it's only been 36 hours since releasing v3.0.0, and despite 4 months of development, some bugs are surfacing that I need to address for v3.0.1. My thanks to my collaborator DaRealShinji for bringing some to my attention, and also to some users who have done the same. Firstly, there is an issue on OSX when trying to copy the grid content of the FileS tab to the clipboard. This is because it tries to create a temporary file in the root of where the program is running, and [...]

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Why everyone should be considering data hashing

As the popularity of QuickHash has gradually risen over the years, I sometimes drop into conversation about this "program that I make for people" or am I asked about it. When I reply, my friends and family usually reply with "Oh...what is data hashing?" followed by "but thats just something for geeks, digital forensics folk and tech guys, isn't it?". Well lets explore that. It's 2018 and pretty much everyone everywhere has access to a computer, the Internet, and a mobile phone, or at least just a mobile phone. Data is now a valuable commodity. Cybercrime is spreading like [...]

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QuickHash v3.0.0 Is Out Now!

Well I know now why I kept putting off the integration of QuickHash with SQLite! It started in October, and has taken me 4 months to finish! To say the work has been quite monumental would perhaps be putting it mildly. Don't get me wrong - the user won't notice an enormous difference in terms of the interface. On the whole, its still very much the same, but the number of changes, fixes, improvements and its integration with SQLite have meant enormous re-writes of existing code and writing of several new units. In addition, I've tried to get round to [...]

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v3.0.0 Beta 2 for Windows out now

Further to my earlier blog post a couple of hours ago, the second beta version of QuickHash v3.0.0 for Windows is out now. For now, Windows only. Linux and OSX will follow soon, but not today. Download the beta at https://quickhash-gui.org/download/v3-0-0-beta-for-windows/ The bug reporting area is https://quickhash-gui.org/bug-tracker/

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Long Awaited New Feature – Existing Hash List Import and Lookup

For a few years, users have asked "Is it possible to have Quickhash import a list of existing hashes and then have it flag files that are known or unknown to the hashlist?". And for several years I have replied with "One day, I will add that. You're not the first to ask". Well, I am pleased to report that with a little free time over Christmas and an hour here and there, I have, at last, managed to add that functionality! The new beta2 of v3.0.0 (just released) has a "Load Hashlist" tick box which, when clicked, displays [...]

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Teds Tremendous Data Generator – v1.0.0 released

A handy little utility for automating the generation of sample data was created to help with the development of QuickHash v3.0.0. That utility is now available for anyone wanting to use it. For a full write up and to get the download link, visit https://www.quickhash-gui.org/teds-tremendous-data-generator/ Random file generation Random String generation using Teds Tremendous Data Generator

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Sorry for the Drastic Server Outage on Sunday 17th Dec

So on Sunday 17th Dec I was going about my normal daily duties and I noticed I had an e-mail from one of the security related monitoring systems (GravityScan) that periodically scan my site, to report the site could not be reached. So like all web site administrators, I immediately went to check, and I did indeed find my beloved projects website to be offline! Firstly, sorry to any users who found the site in that condition, especially users of Zorin OS who are sent here to help verify their downloads of Zorin OS ISO. This website gets a [...]

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