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v2.7.1 is on the horizon

v2.7.1 is being developed. A few minor issues cropped up with the release of v2.7.0, which was not unexpected as I reported in my earlier post. One notable issue is a permissions issue with the creation of a settings xml file that was added with 2.7.0. As it turns out, there's a bit of a [...]

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Quickhash now included with Parrot Security OS

I am proud to announce that the up-and-coming rising star Linux distribution of the moment....Parrot Security OS, now included QuickHash v2.7.0! One of the developers was very helpful in including it and I'm really very pleased. Getting a software tool into a mainstream Linux system is a big deal. Before Parrot, Quickhash was included [...]

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Debian Package coming soon!

Thanks to Dareal Shinji (https://github.com/darealshinji) a Debian package for QuickHash is available and if accepted by Debian package moderators, available as part of the Debian distribution (it has not been submitted, yet)! We still need to get it all polished and make a few teaks to the paperwork before submitting it but once that's [...]

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Quickhash v2.7.0 is out now!

v2.7.0 was released 11th Dec 2016. Get it now at https://quickhash-gui.org/downloads for your platform. Note that 2.7 means "quite a lot of new things", like status bars, new disk hashing interface, big changes to "Compare Directories" tab and so on. You can and should therefore expect to see lots of 2.7.X releases in the [...]

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New Disk Hashing Interface – Sneak Preview!

The disk hashing module has been massively overhauled for v2.7.0 and is now available for both Linux and Windows users, whereas it was only available for Windows users before. This means that Linux users will be able to hash disks using either the "File" tab or using the new GUI interface of the disk [...]

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v2.7.0 Nearly Ready!

Work on v2.7.0 has been ongoing for a few weeks, but it has proved difficult to find the time. But the beta release will be available soon. The most significant improvements are with the Compare Directories tab. Speed improvements have been gained by allowing the user to only tabulate in the display grids details relating [...]

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