Pause progress bar for comparing directories

/Pause progress bar for comparing directories

Pause progress bar for comparing directories

The compare directory -tab should have a pause-button (currently it sits there and doesnt react to any input until it
s done) display some kind of human readable progress either as file count or byte count (bonus points for an estimated time to completion)
* show the file that is currently being read. If both directories are on different drives, it would greatly benefit from reading in both directories in parallel to greatly speed up the process.

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  1. Ted 02/12/2016 at 10:27 - Reply

    Thanks for the report.

    Yes, that is a fair point. But remember it is a “directory comparison”, and the status bar does show you when it is scanning DirA and then DirB. In order for it to report on the individual files as well and the status of those will add further delay to the program. As it stands I am planning a total re-write of that section entirely to make it faster, and I plan to only show the files that differ in the two grids, rather than list all the files that are in the folders. In tests it is about 60% faster that way, but there are lots of things for me to iron out. But I will take your point on board and probably implement some of your suggestions.

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