Access Violation at the start of hashing

/Access Violation at the start of hashing

Access Violation at the start of hashing

The program fails with Access Violation error, when comparing two folders. After clicking on “Compare Now” button, the program reports Access Violation Error when starting hashing of the files in the first folder. One of the folders is a local one and another is a mapped network drive (if it is important). It does not matter if the first folder is network or local drive. Removing the XML file (as was suggested in an earlier issue) does not solve the problem. Running the software explicitly “as administrator” solves the issue. Both folders are accessible for regular user, i.e. can be viewed via Explorer.

OS: Windows 7 SP1 32 bit

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  1. Ted 24/10/2018 at 12:14 - Reply

    Given that it works when running as Administrator, this means QuickHash was unable to get access to one or more files in order to conduct the hashing at the user privilege level it had.

    Prior to v3.0.2, it should have still continued actually and just reported at the end that it could not access FileX, so that is a bit weird, but on the other hand not a major thing. QH can’t get round operating system permissions. So bug closed.

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