Add date and document output?

/Add date and document output?

Add date and document output?

Would be great to include the date, and not just the time, in the \”started at\” output. Or a way to print the file name and hash with date and time to a text file or PDF.

I produce reports which are potentially susceptible to adjustment for other people\’s financial gain and I am after a way of dating and being able to prove changes from my issued files.

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  1. Ted 14/02/2017 at 15:35 - Reply

    This has been addressed in v2.8.0 to be released soon. The “File” tab now has a start date and time, and end one, and a time elpased. And they each get updated if the user switches hash algorithm.

  2. Ted 06/02/2017 at 19:11 - Reply


    Could you describe in what part of quickhash you are referring? Text tab, File tab, FileS tab etc? I’m not sure which bit of it you are referring, sorry.

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