Allow saving "Choose file types:" as preference

/Allow saving "Choose file types:" as preference

Allow saving "Choose file types:" as preference

Default list is “*.doc;*.docx;*.xls;*.xlsx;*.pdf;”.
After changing the list, quitting the app and restarting it, the list is back to default.

It would be nice if:
1. the list is saved between application restarts
2. the list by default also fits photography files:
*.cr2; *.tif; *.tiff; *.jpg; *.jpeg; *.dng; *.psd; .BridgeSort; *.xmp;

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  1. Ted 20/01/2019 at 20:32 - Reply

    I can see how saving the mask might be useful, yes. I’ll consider that for next version.

    Re the file types…that’s like how long is a piece of string. Photographers might want what you have asked for. Finance people will want something else. Desktop publishers something else. Architects something else. Software developers something else. And so on. The point is that the mask provides is done so as an example. I can’t code in all the thousands of different of types that will be of interest to all the thousands of people who use the program. So the mask example will remain as is.

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