Calculate xxhash64 (on MacOS)

/Calculate xxhash64 (on MacOS)

Calculate xxhash64 (on MacOS)

Version for MacOS does not list xxhash64 as a hashing algorithm choice. As the code exists for performing xxhash64, it would be wonderful to have that added to QuickHash GUI.

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  1. Ted 12/08/2017 at 00:56 - Reply


    Very good point. Unfortunately though, I only have a really old Apple Mac OSX computer, and it’s only a Mac Mini 🙁 Its about 10 years old, has only 2Gb RAM and struggles to even run Yosemite. I can’t increase the RAM anymore, not even to 4Gb. So I can’t run a 64-bit OS on it and it’s CPU is not 64-bit. Therefore I can’t compile a 64-bit version for OSX, yet. That said, I am hoping to borrow a new Mac laptop soon, which may enable me to provide a 64 bit version of OSX. At that time, xxHash64 will be available.

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