cannot open dmg

/cannot open dmg

cannot open dmg

mac os x sierra 10.12.6
to open .dmg file I must go into Disk Utility>File>Open Disk Image. Once opened in Disk Utility, Double Click (Right Click) the icon and click show in Finder. Then I could install

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  1. Ted 19/02/2018 at 10:27 - Reply

    This is not related to QuickHash as such…more the variances of the OSX operating system. The ability or otherwise to open a DMG in one of several ways is probably down to the setup of the Mac in question and/or the versions of OSX. A DMG is a DMG though – once downloaded, how the user mounts it and what permissions they may or may not have I cannot account for. Your description of how you got it working will likely help others though so thanks for the note.

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