Love the xxHash32 algorithm.. very fast.. [exceptionally fast]

When 'saving' to a file, it would be lovely if the text-file generated [possibly as a 'new' option] was more in-line with existing .MD5 /.SHA1 file-formats

Typically, this looks like:
<<Hash-Val>> + " "(tab/spaces?) + <<File-Path_and_Name>>
..where <<File-Path_and_Name>> is a 'relative' path, based-on where the checksum file is 'saved' to..
ie. (as an example); a few lines (from a .md5 checksum file):
0a7ec53b74a89663e1f0bf2b661e3b48 .\v.6.2\zorin-os-6.2-lite.iso
f6fe8d2eede274930c286dbf7ad4e4e4 .\v.8.1\zorin-os-8.1-core-32.iso
78b53c7a210927af873237c091e40018 .\v.8.1\zorin-os-8.1-core-64.iso
7343e84218d609575c97ae7afb4d86df .\v.9.x\core-full\zorin-os-9-core-32.iso
6adcdc13164661f0365f1b6f7b26570c .\v.9.x\core-full\zorin-os-9.1-core-64.iso
32040b605997399838b6c7315a118584 .\v.9.x\core-lite\zorin-os-9-lite-32.iso

An 'option' to save fully-qualified paths might be useful (as a secondary feature).. though when comparing files across 2-Directories (or Folders), rarely do they EVER have the same fully-qualified 'path' (ie. VOLUME-name will be different, as will Root-Folder, etc).

Further, it would be exceedingly useful (on Mac OSX) if there were an option to 'skip' (or filter-out) all files beginning with "._.", and/or "._" and/or "."
(ie. "._.DS_Store", or "._ ..filename..”, etc) these really do 'Add' many rows worth of unnecessary data.. especially when trying to compare data from two-folders (ie. one 'Original', one 'Copied')!

Finally, being able to utilise this as a source-file for the "Load HashList" {function} (/feature) would be most advantageous.

I do-admit, I like how you have included the file-size as an extra ‘column’ within the file you create.. and I don’t see this as being a problem /issue — if it were continued to be included as a size-in-bytes value.. at the end of the existing line item [defined earlier /above].

Also, create your own file-type extension — specifically for this file-type [defined above].. my recommendation.. use the file-extension (.xxH32)

Thank you most-graciously for your time in reading this.. and for the time it might take to develop said features.