exe file quarantined, infected with filerepmetagen malware

/exe file quarantined, infected with filerepmetagen malware

exe file quarantined, infected with filerepmetagen malware

Hello Quick Hash team,
I paid for the signed copy of QuickHash v3.0.2 for Windows and unfortunately my malware scanner quarantined the exe file. It says its infected with the FileRepMetagen malware.

I don’t want to ask for a refund via paypal, I’d rather be notified as soon as this issue is resolved and sent an updated file with hash to compare to on your website for manual verification.

Thanks for your project, I’m looking forward to using it asap.


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  1. Ted 24/04/2018 at 00:22 - Reply

    After discussion with the reportee (who thankfully was good enough to both tell me about it and still trusting enough to help me….others would not be!), we helpfully determined this is a false positive by, yet again, AVG! This is the second time for a different apparent virus they have flagged QuickHash. I have no idea why. They have been told before. And they will be told again. Its a great example of how commercials can ruin an otherwise good relationship between developers and users.

    In this case the reportee and I communicated and the file he downloaded via SendOwl platform was the exact same version as what I have on my local PC. No virus threat. Just a false positive by AV vendor. Closed.

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