Function terminates after 1st error

/Function terminates after 1st error

Function terminates after 1st error

V2.6.9 on Windows 10
Function “Compare Directories” selected and after some hours an error occurred:
“Could not get Handle …” popup. Selected “OK”.
Then popup “Invalid file handle. Press OK to ignore …”, pressed OK.
and now, nothing happens, Status is still “…please wait”, “Time Finished: Please wait…”,
some Files are listed in (Dir A), but function does not continue with next files.
Same Problem with function “FileS”.

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  1. Ted 17/04/2017 at 18:45 - Reply

    Implemented a fix relating to how files that are opened are accessed by QuickHash. It will now access almost all files but there may be some instances where the share permissions set by the opening program are too stringent to be overcome. In my tests, files that are open in Notepadd++ and LibreOffice Writer can now be read and hashed while open, whereas before they could not. Changes have been applied in master branch now, see commit . Will compile and release soon. Closed.

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