HiDPI support in Linux

/HiDPI support in Linux

HiDPI support in Linux

Hi, I’m trying Quinckhash on linux laptop woth HiDPI screen and everything looks very small.
So would be great if you can make Quickhash compatible with HiDPI screen.


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  1. Ted 30/05/2017 at 23:09 - Reply

    Hi. Thanks for the note. Screen size, and display resolution is something I have battled with for years. It’s a fine line between making the program use’able, feature rich yet simple, and also visible on a multitude of screen sizes. With v2.0 of QH (released in about 2013) the interface was changed to a tabbed one to address this issue (screen resolution) but still I have some problems, especially on notebook type laptops where the screen is only about 8″. I’ll bear it in mind nevertheless. Thanks.

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