increase length of FileName and FilePath columns

/increase length of FileName and FilePath columns

increase length of FileName and FilePath columns

FileName and FilePath columns on the FileS tab are limited to 128 characters. I am using Quickhash because of file paths exceeding the windows MAX_PATH=260 limit. Quickhash successfully generates the HashValue for long paths however it is not outputting the long path name, long file name to the saved csv.

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  1. Ted 28/02/2018 at 22:29 - Reply

    This issue has been fixed with v3.0.2, released this evening.

  2. Ted 27/02/2018 at 23:32 - Reply

    This is a very important bug and I thank Nick for reporting it. It’s actually more significant that just long path files. Its actually something that hits once the path exceeds 128 characters. This is due to a mistake I made when first implementing SQLite in v3.0.0. I’m amazed that its only just reported in fact given that the first beta of v3.0.0 was released in Oct 2017.

    Basically any path, once it exceeds 128 chars, it still hashed and (in the case of the Copy tab) copied, but the display grid is getting truncated.

    This is caused a) by an incorrect type declaration of the tables used for FileS and Copy tabs and b) forgetting to add the compiler directive {$H+} to the dbases unit, which is used to ensure strings are not treated as short strings (255 chars) and to ensure strings as treated as fairly unlimited in length.

    I’ve nearly fixed the issue but just having a few more problems. When its fixed I will release v3.0.2 which will include the fix.

    For now, please just be aware that if the chosen folder length exceeds 128 chars, you may witness truncated values in the results.

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