Issue with position on 2 monitors

/Issue with position on 2 monitors

Issue with position on 2 monitors

I have 2 (1920×1080) monitor configuration and Quick Hash opens between them, cut in two pieces. That would not be a problem, but the programm also does not save it’s last window position on exit, which make the programm to appier between the screens again.
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  1. Ted 10/12/2016 at 15:42

    Quickhash v2.7.0 (to be released imminently) is now set to launch in centre of the “main screen” as defined by windows instead of “desktop centre” as with earlier versions. This means that in the case of multi screen systems, quickhash will not be split down the middle with half on one screen, half on the other. It will launch in the centre of whichever screen is the main one.

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