Mismatch list output

/Mismatch list output

Mismatch list output

It would be very helpful if Quick Hash could output a list of mismatches after a directory comparison is done. There can be a very large number of files and currently the only output options list all of the files. When only the relevant (mismatched) results of a comparison are needed this functionality is essential. Thank you.

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  1. Ted 10/12/2016 at 15:50

    This was one of the main features of the updates to v2.7.0 to be released very soon. There is now an option to tabulate everything, or only errors. If ticked (default), only the errors or mis-matches or differences will be tabulated. And if there are no errors, then the program will just tell you everything matches.If it is unticked, then the listings and the errors are all listed together.

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