Not launching on OSX and Web interface

/Not launching on OSX and Web interface

Not launching on OSX and Web interface


Just discovered this tool, here some preliminary remarks, hope this helps:
– web interface becomes unresponsive once the download has occured. In order to click on “Bug Tracker” or re-download I had to reload the page
– version 3.0.2 won’t launch on MacBook pro latest 13” generation with Os 10.14
Error message read (loosely translated from french): Impossible to open the application. “”


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  1. Ted 20/01/2019 at 20:37 - Reply

    Regarding Point 1 : No idea. Suggest your web browser configuration. It seems to work OK for me and the thousands of other people downloading it each day.

    Regarding Point 2 : Please read this ( Running the OSX version requires a few steps. a) you have to ensure it has executable persmissions and b) you have to make sure your Mac will allow you to run programs not downloaded from the Apple Mac Store.

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