Out of index error

/Out of index error

Out of index error

An error occur while doing the Compare Directories.

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  1. today759 19/12/2017 at 04:38 - Reply

    I want this app to be great, but I’m disappointed with how it actually worked for me on my Mac and on Windows.

    The feature I need is the Compare Directories.

    On both platforms I got “Index Out of range Cell[Col=0 Row=5]”

    “Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption.” <– bit dramatic.

    I pioneered and charged forward and risked data corruption! Nothing happened.
    On OSX it sat there for over 48 hours (2.4TB local drive comparing to network drive).

    It never returned to me with useful information. The file counts were mismatched but it didn't tell me the numbers.
    Some files were in folder A and not B etc, but the GUI only let me look at 5 rows – the interface divider between the two result grids can't be moved.
    The GUI was "angry" – it would sit there with a pointer but as soon as I touched the touchpad it would turn to a beachball for a minute or so.

    • Ted 19/12/2017 at 12:03 - Reply

      Sorry for the problems. It’s unclear what version you are using but I assume 2.8.4. The Compare Two Folders tab has been much improved for v3.0.0 (not out for Mac\Linux yet but available for Windows). In fact, it was totally re-written. I’d encourage you to try that.

      The “data corruption” warning is a built in exception compiler warning that I can’t change but it occurs when expected data is not accessible to the program in memory, i.e. a row lookup value. It doesn’t mean the users data will be corrupted though I accept it appears that way. Please consider trying v3.0.0 before trying something else.

      Your second comment didn’t appear as comments are monitored for spam and such before approving.

  2. Ted 01/12/2017 at 00:45 - Reply

    I can’t work with that. There are thousands of potential errors that can occur in thousands more circumstances. Specifics are needed.

    That error usually occurs when QH is trying to find a row that is greater than the grids allow. If that error has occured there must be a major difference in the folder comparisons.

    More to the point, v3 of QuickHash which is coming very soon (just working on a few more bugs) has totally re-written that tab, so no further fixes for the 2.8 branch will be made I’m afraid. But keep your eye out for the release of v3.0.

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