Please become an Apple-trusted developer

/Please become an Apple-trusted developer

Please become an Apple-trusted developer

See attached report on install

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  1. Ted 08/05/2018 at 21:40 - Reply

    Yes, that’s a necessary evil I will have to venture down I think. The code signing certificate I bought does allow me to sign the OSX version, but even then OSX still grumbles about it because I haven’t PAID Apple to be one of their trusted developers. So I will have to pay again for that, on top of the money I laid out for the certificate from DigiCert. I am going to see how things progress with the code signing certificate I have and whether or not I recoup that investment before splashing more out to Apple. But I accept your point – it is hard to paint a professional image to OSX users when I’m not on their list of trusted developers.

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