Please provide a direct download link

/Please provide a direct download link

Please provide a direct download link

Hello, some time ago I have made a script (a pkgbuild) for re-packaging the quickhash-gui binary for the Arch User Repository, the final result is that quickhash-gui is packaged and installed on users system like official packages.

Since upstream archives/tarballs are fetched automatically and there wheren't a link that can be downloaded with curl I had copied the archive on sourceforge, the problem is that this kind of behaviour is not well accepted, some possible outcome are:

* delete the script because likely violate a rule

* in the script use local:// instead of an online source, nullify the convenience since AUR helpers can't complete the package.
local:// is used when upstream archives can't be redestribuited, like for Cisco's packettracer.

* Provide a direct link or an official mirror on sourceforge, or similar


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