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v2.8.0 – Minor bug in “Copy” tab

It has been brought to my attention that with v2.8.0 there’s a minor issue with the “Copy” tab, in that if there are 10 files in FolderA, all ten are copied to FolderB without a problem, and the log files report that, but QuickHash's visual report shows that “9 files copied”, instead of “10 files copied”. Will be fixed in the next service release (2.8.1) or v2.9 if that comes first.   I have added a bug report, here :

QuickHash v2.8.0 for Apple Mac OSX Released!

OK, as promised in my recent blog posts, here is the eagerly anticipated release of Quickhash v2.8.0 for Apple Mac OSX operating systems. This brings all the great new features and improvements of the program that Windows and Linux users get, to Apple Mac users. Now, every time I create an Apple Mac release, I have some issues from some people. OSX is just a weird platform. Please note I do not have a decent or modern Apple Mac. It's a ten year old Mac Mini with 2Gb of RAM that JUST manages to run Yosemite, at a push. [...]

Quickhash v2.8.0 is out now!

I have just uploaded QuickHash v2.8.0 for Windows (32 and 64 bit)  and Linux (32 and 64 bit). This has been a lot of work and taken a few months to get finished. The release notes tell you all you need to know, and the user manual has been updated. Very briefly, an entirely new hash library is now in use and the xxHash algorithm has been added to the usual 4 algorithms. Lots of other bug fixes and feature request implementation. You can get it now from the downloads section : The Apple Mac version will follow ASAP. [...]

v2.8.0 is in development

I've had a little time lately to work on implementing some things I've been meaning to implement for ages. First and foremost, there is the new hash library. For some years I used DCPCrypt, but that had several shortcomings, not to mention the fact that I had to adjust the library myself for 64-bit capabilities. I'm pleased to say that a new well maintained and Unicode supported library is now part of Quickhash v2.8.0 called HashLib4Pascal by Ugochukwu Mmaduekwe Stanley. It's also compatabile with Freepascal v3.0+. It's a great library with many versatile options and a host of hash [...]

Quickhash v2.7.0 is out now!

v2.7.0 was released 11th Dec 2016. Get it now at for your platform. Note that 2.7 means "quite a lot of new things", like status bars, new disk hashing interface, big changes to "Compare Directories" tab and so on. You can and should therefore expect to see lots of 2.7.X releases in the coming weeks and months to address any irritating issues that may have sneaked in. Windows 10 users note : you will be warned about running the program because I am an "unknown developer" by the standards of Microsoft, or moreover, I have not paid them [...]

New Disk Hashing Interface – Sneak Preview!

The disk hashing module has been massively overhauled for v2.7.0 and is now available for both Linux and Windows users, whereas it was only available for Windows users before. This means that Linux users will be able to hash disks using either the "File" tab or using the new GUI interface of the disk hashing module. It's a significant improvement over the earlier version of the disk hashing module, which was added in 2014. The features that it had (like a scheduled start time and so on) will be re-added to this new interface with subsequent branches of 2.7.0. [...]

v2.7.0 Nearly Ready!

Work on v2.7.0 has been ongoing for a few weeks, but it has proved difficult to find the time. But the beta release will be available soon. The most significant improvements are with the Compare Directories tab. Speed improvements have been gained by allowing the user to only tabulate in the display grids details relating to errors, meaning that if there are no errors hashing the two sets of files, then the program does not waste time displaying all the details. In tests it makes the process about 50% faster! Also progress bars have been added where necessary, by popular [...]