QuickHash v2.8.4 Debian Packages for Linux

These are the DEBIAN packages of QuickHash v2.8.4, created kindly by my co-developer darealshinji. You can install QuickHash using these with any Debian package manager (Synaptec, DPKG etc). SHA-1 hashes: f34ee7441ea99ab712fa5593e10707e8f8e431c5  build_quickhash_2.8.4-1_amd64.log 763550772b4a638c27d9a0a5dc34ed55b941672f  build_quickhash_2.8.4-1_i386.log e7b2f9fdbefadc4119ffebe7caebd4fcfeb552c2  quickhash_2.8.4-1_amd64.changes 7a52614d71b71b4384719366742c141a6e5001c3  quickhash_2.8.4-1_amd64.deb fb398b61adbc23718e9516c59516d3dcd52a7988  quickhash_2.8.4-1_i386.changes b84f28f9f2a5ad31ff385230ce6f5c7995fecad8  quickhash_2.8.4-1_i386.deb

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QuickHash v2.8.4 for Linux

This is the 32 and 64 bit version of QuickHash-GUI for Linux. It includes change log, readme, user manual, and both binaries ready to use. Ensure you grant executable permissions to the binaries after extracting from the zip file using chmod +x QuickHash-v2.8.4-32Bit or chmod +x QuickHash-v2.8.4-64Bit Note: They are architecture dependant. So you can [...]

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