Quickhash v2.8.3 for Apple Mac OSX

/Quickhash v2.8.3 for Apple Mac OSX

Quickhash v2.8.3 for Apple Mac OSX

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Create Date07/08/2017

The Application bundle for Apple Mac OSX. Built using Yosemite on a fairly old Apple Mac. So hopefully will work OK, the usual hurdles apply. i.e. ensure the file has executable permissions and you may also need to ensure the binary inside the app folder has the same executable permissions, i.e. AppleMac-OSX-v2.8.3/QuickHash.app/Contents/MacOS/QuickHash.

You'll also need to ensure under your General Security Options, that "Programs downloaded from anywhere" option is enabled, because QuickHash is not yet digitaly signed. I am hoping to get that changed soon though via GlobalSign, if they are good enough to give me a certificate for code signing. There's more information about that in the v2.8.0 release section for QuickHash, accessible HERE


dadf0f24f84f23b6231e0a52a83cfab083c31cee  AppleMac-OSX-v2.8.3/QuickHash

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