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QuickHash v2.8.3 for Linux

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Create Date07/08/2017

This is the v2.8.3 release of QuickHash for Linux.

There is a pre-compiled 32 and 64 bit binary. Once downloaded, ensure you give it executable permissions (chmod +x Quickhash-Linux-v2.8.3-32Bit or chmod +x Quickhash-Linux-v2.8.3-64Bit) then just double click or execute at the terminal with ./Quickhash-Linux-v2.8.3-32Bit (or ./Quickhash-Linux-v2.8.3-64Bit).

The SHA-1 hashes for these binaries are :

87709e1ca67d3365e2a63a23d9b2c44bc66f3f85 Quickhash-Linux-v2.8.3-32Bit
ae9a82aae9b612c924d5457906031dfbce040842 Quickhash-Linux-v2.8.3-64Bit

To file bug and issues, see https://www.quickhash-gui.org/bug-tracker/

The Github page is, as ever : https://github.com/tedsmith/quickhash

Debian packages will follow shortly. My fellow developer darealshinji usually packages the program for me and I'll upload them in due course.

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