Quickhash v2.8.3 for Windows

/Quickhash v2.8.3 for Windows

Quickhash v2.8.3 for Windows

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Create Date07/08/2017

This is the v2.8.3 release of QuickHash for Windows.

There is a pre-compiled 32 and 64 bit executable. Be advised, though, that the 64 bit version offers no real benefits over the 32 bit one (no speed increases or anything like that). All the 64 bit version ensures is that files in C:Program Files of 64 bit Windows systems are read correctly.

The SHA-1 hashes for these binaries are :

f64dfb7d7b8b9fc2e9b9954e563c27f99cdc6e36 Quickhash-Windows-v2.8.3-32Bit.exe
5bc16ec3e62f16079376e7206e1f2c38d99edd22 Quickhash-Windows-v2.8.3-64Bit.exe

The github page is, as ever : https://github.com/tedsmith/quickhash

The page to file bugs and issues is, as ever : https://www.quickhash-gui.org/bug-tracker/

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