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Below you will find the latest compiled binary for the three operating systems, zipped into a single file for each OS.

For instructions on use, click the TITLE link of each download. This will show extra information and guidance. To download immediately and work it out yourself, just click the ‘DOWNLOAD’ link.

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QuickHash v3.1.0 Debian Packages (for Linux )
 1 file(s)  863 downloads
Linux 23/09/2019 Download
QuickHash v3.1.0 Windows
 1 file(s)  9264 downloads
Windows 11/09/2019 Download
QuickHash v3.1.0 Apple OSX
 1 file(s)  1297 downloads
OSX 11/09/2019 Download
QuickHash v3.0.4 Debian Packages (for Linux )
 1 file(s)  2196 downloads
Linux 17/01/2019 Download
QuickHash v3.0.4 Windows
 1 file(s)  28528 downloads
Windows 08/09/2019 Download
QuickHash v3.0.4 Apple OSX
 1 file(s)  2190 downloads
OSX 08/09/2019 Download

    (For old archived versions, see this page)

    To download “Teds Tremendous Data Generator”, use the download links below. The tool can be useful for you to generate sample data to use with QuickHash, or any other need you may have. To view full details about the download, including hash values, click the title. To simply download immediately, click the ‘download’ link

    Teds Tremendous Data Generator – v1.0.0
     1 file(s)  620 downloads
    Teds Tremendous Data Generator 23/01/2018 Download