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Below you will find the latest compiled binary for the three operating systems, zipped into a single file for each OS. The more recent Windows and Linux zip files contain both a 32-bit and 64-bit compiled binary file for you to use as necessary. Note that generally, the 32-bit Windows executable will be fine on both 32 and 64 bit versions of the Windows operating system and little difference in performance will be observed, unless you use the new xxHash algorithm, in which case the 64-bit version of QuickHash may perform better. In addition, on 64-bit versions of Windows, some files in the Program Files folder are represented differently, so if you need to hash the content of such a folder, again, use the 64-bit version. Aside from that, the 32-bit version is recommended.

For Linux, you must use the appropriate binary for your chosen distribution. You can’t run 32-bit versions of QuickHash on 64-bit Linux systems, etc. Or install the supplied Debian packages (for Debian based systems, like Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint etc) for your system – see the Debian downloads below.

For Apple Mac OSX, the provided application bundle should work on both architectures but you must ensure you allocate executable permissions (chmod +x NameOfPackage).

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Title Download
Quickhash v2.8.3 for Apple Mac OSX
  1 files      65 downloads
QuickHash v2.8.2 for Apple Mac OSX
  1 files      286 downloads
QuickHash v2.8.1 for Apple Mac OSX
  1 files      144 downloads
QuickHash v2.8.0 for Apple Mac OSX
  1 files      507 downloads
Quickhash v2.7.0 for Apple Mac OSX
  1 files      445 downloads
Quickhash v2.6.9.2 for Apple Mac OSX
  1 files      1261 downloads