A user has reported an issue with v2.8.3 (https://www.quickhash-gui.org/bugs/expected-hash-value-report-wrongly-on-single-file-hashing/) regarding a peculiarity with the “Expected Hash Value” field.

This field was added a while ago, but another user requested that if the expected hash value is pasted after the file was hashed (whereas it was designed to be input before the file was hashed), the file had to be hashed again in order to compare it to the expected hash value that the user had pasted earlier. So, to fix that, a change was added in v2.8.3 such that if the value was pasted after the file had been hashed, or before it had been hashed, it would still compare the computed hash with the expected hash without needing to re-hash the file again. As a result, it seems I have broke the the field a little, in so much as if the value is pasted first, then the file is hashed, it will report a mis-match even if they actually do match. But if the user pastes the value again, it will then report accurately.

So, I do need to fix it and will do so in v2.8.4. In the meantime, users who need this are advised to simply re-paste the value a second time.