From time to time, I like to see where QuickHash has hit the news and tech bloggers. I was delighted to find today (a few weeks after publication I admit) a great and inspiring article at Mustang News ( titled ‘How cybersecurity is becoming a hot topic at Cal Poly‘ written by Brendan Matsuyama.

The link to the article is here for those who want to read it in full : and it talks about how the California Cyber Training Complex (CCTC).

Key stakeholders in the project include Cal Poly, the California Military Department, local and state law enforcement agencies, district attorneys and the California Office of Emergency Services.

It’s a great read and it talks about the use of free tools such as QuickHash and FTK Imager to digital forensics students. That really excites me, that a humble utility like QuickHash has made its way to Californian teaching grounds! Maybe one day they’ll invite me along as a guest speaker! :-)