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Quickhash v1.5.6 for Windows

This was the first major improvement in the product after the v1.0 release and was first committed to Sourceforge in January 2013, two years after v1.0.

For completeness, the release notes are attached below. The versions between v1.0 and 1.5.6 were never widely released though some copies exist out on the Internet.

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v1.5.6 - Jan 2013

The display grids for displaying hashes of multiple files in a directory and for "copy and paste" hashing now have the number of rows pre-computed
based on the number of files found prior to hashing. This saves a considerable amount of time with large data sets.

Combined with the step above, a gigantic speed improvement caused by also disabling the dynamic bottom pane until after all files are hashed.
Having it refresh for every file was not really necessary anyway, given that the status bar reports the file being hashed and the progress stats
show files %, data volume etc. benchmarks show 3K files took 2 minutes with version < v1.5.6; With v1.5.6, the same 3K files take 12 seconds!

The same visibility change applied to recursive copy and hash, though, in tests, the process of copying the files was slower than the grid display
but with lots of small files, this is likely ot have made an improvement.

With regard to recursive directory hashing and recursive copy and hashing; the user can now decide to override the default behaviour of hashing
all files in all sub-directories of that chosen directory, meaning that just the files in the root of that chosen directory can be hashed (and copied
if appropriate) and no others in other sub directories, if required.

The user can now decide whether to flag any duplicate files found, or not (only for standard directory hashing - not for copy and hash, yet).

The left to right scroll bar of the bottom pane was partly obscured by the status bar. That was corrected.

v1.5.5 - Nov 2012

Added file mask capability to allow selective searching for one or more mixed file types, e.g. *.doc; *.xls etc. New masks can be added at will.
Added progress indicators to recursive copy and hash, to match the standard recrusive hash without copy.
A new intermediary output directory, named after the date and time of execution, is now added beneath the output directory with the output then put beneath that
ensuring that if multiple outputs are sent to the same directory at different times, each output can easily be identified.
A log of file of files that failed to copy or those for whome the hashes didn't match are now recorded in the chosen output directory
Adjusted phrasing of Clipboard button to "Clipboard Results", to mean "Copy the results to RAM clipboard" because the previous phrasing
of "Copy to RAM" was misleading, suggesting the files would be copied to RAM, which was not true.
Improved layout slightly by replacing some labels with edit fields.
Improved the 'Hash mismatch' error to make it easier to read and including the name of the actual file that has failed, as well as just the hash value.
Added a warning to recursive copy and hash feature that OS protected files or files in use will not copy properly, to make the user choose more wisely

v1.5.4.1 - Nov 2012

All functionality added since added for the Linux version, too, matching it to the 1.5.4 Windows release
* Note date and time attributes of recursive directory copy and paste adjusted as only Last Modified dates are available in Linux
Added Stop button to recursive directory copy and paste traversal (top right pane), to match the stop features of the simpler recursive directory traversal functionality (bottom pane)

v1.5.4 - May 2012

As announced in v 1.5.3, improved the "Copy and Hash Files" display area as follows:
The display area is now a numerical grid with sortable columns instead of a text field. Faster and more feature rich options and responsiveness
For Windows only instances of QuickHash, the source files' created, last modified and last accessed dates are looked up, displayed and logged
to account for NTFSFAT32 issues with date attribute retention
Added the ability to export results to HTML file, including column headings
Added the ability to copy the grid content to clipboard for easy pasting into spreadsheets etc

Some minor code improvements and interface labelling all round

v1.5.3 - May 2012

Improved the 'Recursive Directory Hashing' display grid as follows:
Added ability to sort by file name, hash value or file size
Added ability to drag columns from left to right
Added ability to auto-expand column width to max content of largest cell by double click the column dividers at completion
Added a 'Copy to Clipboard' button (it is still possible to to copy a cell or range of cells by selecting and Ctrl+C them).
Improved the labelling and layout to make it more consistent with the font of the rest of the application

v1.5.2.2 - April 2012

Fixed incorrect formatting of reported date and time settings to now accurately show DD/MM/YY HH:MM:SS
Converted display area of "Copy & Hash Files" to a listbox, rather than a memo field to increase speed
Adjusted "Copy & Hash Files" delimiter to a tab (#9) instead of nothing to allow easier importing into spreadsheets
Coming Soon: v 1.5.3 will use a grid system for the "Copy & Hash Files" display instead of either a memo field or a listbox

v1.5.2.1 - March 2012

Minor improvement

v1.5.2 - March 2012

System Error codes returned with any last error to enable better dev support to users
GUI set to increase proportionally as the interface is maximised to the max screen size to allow more data to fit in the meo fields when run on larger screens.

The 1.5.0 feature of copying source files to destination directories further corrected and improved as follows:
Radio box added to choose whether to list JUST directories or whether to list JUST directories AND files,
neither of which will be hashed or copied. Useful for occasions when the user might want to generate a list of subdirectories only,
that might contain forensic images for example, that they wish to paste into the case properties of forensic software
like X-Ways Forensics or FTK or into a report.
Interface refresh following copy errors or hash mismatch errors to avoid the error message hanging about after clicking OK.

Some Chinese Unicode characters cause the copy to fail. Need to implement special Unicode vars for that type of code.
Illegal file names containing special chars or whose name exceeds the maximum windows length can cause the copy to fail

v1.5.1 - March 2012

Main Menu added - About page, Credits page and a "File --> Exit" to free space on the form by allowing the removal of the 'Exit' button
Ialian version - credit to Sandro of the DEFT Live CD project for translating the English to Italian - www.deftlinux.net/
Corrected keyboard shortcut keys as some shortcuts were applied twice to different buttons.
Minor re-alignment of GUI panes

The 1.5.0 feature of copying source files to destination directories corrected and improved as follows:
The "Go!" button is disabled if either the source and destination directories are not chosen or if they are invalid or, in the case of the
"Just generate recursive list of dirs and files" being ticked, the Source destination has to be valid at least. If not, the button stays greyed out.
The "X number of files found. Proceed?" message dialog continued even if the user selected 'No'. That was fixed.
The "X number of files found. Proceed?" dialog now shows the host system date and time, too.
The summary information that states how many files were copied, the number of errors (if any) and the number of hash mismatches (if any) is now inserted at the top of             the log file, if created.
Date and time of the host system is determined and logged at the time the copying process is started.

v1.5.0 - March 2012

Recursive directory copying and hashing from source directory to destination directory added.
Some minor GUI re-arrangement and improvement for readability.
Known Issues : Some unicode filenames cause an error, but not all. Also, illegal Windows characters in the filename may cause an error.

v1.4.1 - December 2011

Took out the autosize attribute for the grid display of recursive directory file hashing. Refreshing that grid with tens of thousands of files slowed
down the program considerably - sometimes up to a third!

Added a 'Counting files....' entry in the progress bar at the bottom of the grid display so that when a directory is first selected, the user now
knows the program is working while it calculates how many files there are to hash in total, as opposed to appearing to be doing nothing.

v1.4.0 - Novemeber 2011

Added MD5, SHA256 and SHA512 hashing algorithms in the form of a radio button selection by using the DCPCrypt library
Added a status bar to make it more obvious which file is currently being hashed
Refined the labels of individual file hashing so that they are cleared and refreshed if a subsequent file is hashed without restarting the program
Some minor improvements to source code readability and layout.

v1.3.2 - Sept 2011

Ability to export results to HTML web file added. The user can now export the results to just HTML format, or just to CSV format, or both.
Minor improvement to the prompt for log file credentials to ensure that if the user cancels that decision, the program does not crash and instead gracefully returns to the grid display.

v 1.3.1 - Sept 2011

Text field is now cleared as soon as clicked for text input, avoiding the need to manually delete the "Type text here..." message, thus reducing risk or cross contamination
Any accidentally left white space to the right or left of the first or last character of the string is stripped before hashed. Spaces that form part of the string are not removed.

v 1.3.0 - Sept 2011

During recursive directory hashing, the display grid now keeps up with the files as they are been hashed so the user can see what file is currently being analysed
Option of saving the content of the display grid as a CSV text file

v 1.2.1 - July 2011

The data figure next to total files examined looped back round to zero with unusually large files. This was fixed by using a QWord integer and QuickHash can now recursively SHA1 hash directories containing 18 ExaBytes (250 thousand 4 TeraByte harddisks full of data).

v 1.2 - June 2011

String hash box enlarged to allow paragraphs or long sentances to be hashed, instead of just a few words.
File hashing now has a start and end time counter, to determine how long the hashing process took.
Recursive directory and file hashing now has a start and end time counter, to determine how long the hashing process took for entire directory and its children.
Recursive directory and file hashing now has a field to show the total amount of data examined (bytes, Kb's, Mb', Gb's or Tb's).
Linux version optimised for Linux usage
Windows version optimised for Windows usage
Minor improvements relating to layout and code optimisation.

v 1.1.1 - June 2011

Improvements to the layout of the interface, some grammatical corrections and refinement of column labelling etc.

v 1.1 - June 2011

Larger buffers allow faster hashing of files over 1Mb.
Files without an extension are now detected.

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