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Quickhash v2.6.9.2 for Windows

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Create Date 25/08/2016
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With v2.0 of the program came the new tabbed interface. The first released version of v2.0 can still be downloaded from Sourceforge (until further notice) but they all led up to the current release of v2.6.9.2 and is, as of Dec 2016, the latest version. Some thought was given as to whether every single release from v2.0 to should be hosted here, but somehow the need does not seem obvious to me. As long as the latest is here, along with the first and middle versions, that is perhaps sufficient. Anyone who wants the entire release history of the program can visit https://sourceforge.net/projects/quickhash/files

That being said the release notes from v1.0 up to and including v2.6.9.2 do include all the details of every version, and can be found HERE.


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