• Version 2.8.0
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  • Create Date 14/02/2017
  • Last Updated 10/01/2018

QuickHash v2.8.0 for Linux

This download includes two pre-compiled binaries of QuickHash - one for 32-bit systems and one for 64-bit systems. Unlike Windows platforms, you must use the appropriate one for your system architecture. 64-bit is recommended, especially in light of the newly added xxHash hash algorithm that better utilises 64-bit CPU and memory space.

After extracting files from the zip archive, be sure to check that the binary you wish to run has executable permission. If not, give it that by using :

chmod +x QuickHash-Linux-v2.8.0-64Bit


chmod +x QuickHash-Linux-v2.8.0-32Bit

The full download zip also includes a README.txt and a PDF user manual.

QuickHash-Linux-v2.8.0-32Bit : SHA-1 db9ba7433647a17401abc1cd102f5d538a243a12

QuickHash-Linux-v2.8.0-64Bit : SHA-1 dfe51b05df3d25aee8fe5e19cc7e0ee7e657a254

QuickHash-Linux-v2.8.0.zip: SHA-1 bfb26249b10ce44d6247bdfab9e820a386474efc

Or, a new Debian package if you want to use it is available here : http://quickhash-gui.org/download/quickhash-debian-packages-for-32-and-64-bit-linux/

Full release notes for v2.8.0:

Major change the the hash library. All version of QuickHash prior to and including v2.7.0 used DCPCrypt, which is a fairly old library and had to be adjusted to hash large files over 4Gb due to a 32-bit limitation. In addition, for SHA-256 and SHA-512, it was not enormously fast, though it was fast enough. With v2.8.0, HashLib4Pascal ([http://wiki.freepascal.org/HashLib4Pascal http://wiki.freepascal.org/HashLib4Pascal] and [https://github.com/Xor-el/HashLib4Pascal https://github.com/Xor-el/HashLib4Pascal]) has been incorporated instead. There is not only a huge code readability improvement but a slight speed increase as well for all four of the major algorithms used by QuickHash. In addition, it will now make the addition of other other hash algorithms easier for the devlopers, because the library has a large choice to choose from. Enormous credit, appreciation and thanks to Ugochukwu Mmaduekwe Stanley, aka Xor-el, for the library (https://github.com/Xor-el) which is licensed under MIT.

SHA256, SHA-1 & SHA256 concurrently and SHA512 hash algorithms added to the disk hashing module.

xxHash64 added to all areas of QuickHash – text, files and disks. XxHash was a hash library that I wanted to include a couple of years ago but never got round to. But a Freepascal form of it is also part of the HashLib4Pascal library, so implementing it was as easy as for the other algorithms. It is true what they say about how fast it is – it really is crazy fast!

New save dialog added to disk hashing module (prompted by default by the enabled ‘Created and save a log file’ checkbox) to enable the user to save all the results of the hashing process as a text file in a location of their choosing. Or they can disable the option.

New date and time values added to “File” tab so the user can report on the time the process started and ended and the elapsed time as per feature request [http://quickhash-gui.org/bugs/add-date-and-document-output/ http://quickhash-gui.org/bugs/add-date-and-document-output/] . Useful for benchmarking and so on.

Also fixed the fact that the “Elapsed time” for the “File” tab did not refresh if the user changed the hash algorithm using the radio box. It only refreshed if the user chose a new file using the button. That was fixed so that regardless of how the user adds the file or what hash algorithm is chosen, the timers are reset.

Horizontal scroll bar added to the hash value field in 'Text' tab, to allow the whole hash to be read more easily.

Improved anchoring of several visual elements meaning text labels were not cut off or made less visible and looked better when maximising the GUI. Thanks to Dareal Shinji for his help with that. See [https://github.com/tedsmith/quickhash/issues/11 https://github.com/tedsmith/quickhash/issues/11]

New debian package added for experimentation – see [https://github.com/tedsmith/quickhash/issues/2 https://github.com/tedsmith/quickhash/issues/2]

The settings file that was implemented in v2.7.0 caused some problems for Linux and OSX users. That was fixed by adjusting to a generic filename based on the name of the application. See [https://github.com/tedsmith/quickhash/issues/6 https://github.com/tedsmith/quickhash/issues/6]

The progress bars didn't automatically reset to zero when the same tabbed interface was used multiple times without restarting QuickHash. Now, for each tab where a progress is found, when the user clicks “Start”, or equivalent thereof, the progress bar will reset.

Fixed an issue in the disk hashing module; after hashing a volume or disk, if the user selects a different hash algorithm and then clicks the start button again, 65K of data was read and hashed and then the program then just reports that no more data can be read. This was caused by the tripping of a boolean flag to true when the progress form was closed, thus, the repeat loop when executed again stopped at the “until” line because the abort condition was true. This was fixed. So now users can keep hashing the disk with various algorithms without restarting Quickhash.

New start date and time, end date and time and time taken labels added to the disk hashing module. This information is also saved to the log file by default.

Stop button added to disk hashing module to allow the user to easily abort if needed.