QuickHash v2.8.1 for Apple Mac OSX

/QuickHash v2.8.1 for Apple Mac OSX

QuickHash v2.8.1 for Apple Mac OSX

Version 2.8.1
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Create Date 09/05/2017
Last Updated 10/01/2018

A compiled application release for Apple Mac OSX is now available. Remember to ensure you adjust your security settings to allow programs downloaded from anywhere to run, and ensure the file inside the .pp folder has executable permission. More information, including comments from users reporting permission changes for success, here : http://quickhash-gui.org/quickhash-v2-8-0-for-apple-mac-osx-released/. If you still have problems AFTER reading that, e-mail me at tedsmith28@yahoo.co.uk and I'll see what I can do to help. Note that OSX is my least favourite platform and the one I have the least experience with! But I will try to help if I can.

SHA-1 Hash of Binary : a9add831e8277c81aab03d1e1e95e23a830777d2

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