QuickHash v2.8.2 for Linux

/QuickHash v2.8.2 for Linux

QuickHash v2.8.2 for Linux

Version v2.8.2
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File Size 3.96 MB
File Type zip
Create Date 31/05/2017
Last Updated 10/01/2018

This is the zip package containing both 32 and 64-bit versions of QuickHash v2.8.2 for desktop Linux systems. For most modern Linux systems, the 64-bit binary will be the one you need. After extracting from the zip, ensure it has executable permissions (> chmod +x QuickHash-v2.8.2-Linux-64Bit)

Zip Package by OS SHA-1 Hash
QuickHash-Linux-v2.8.2.zip 03A8C3A93A816E4544DEAB94AE6A6DE75C8ADC9D
QuickHash-OSX-v2.8.2.zip 5EEE08BC5247200C78543899CEC877834BDB0725
QuickHash-Windows-v2.8.2.zip E322587524B37F0B1709C327E5311C756FFD7CBF
Compiled Binary Filename SHA-1 Hash
QuickHash-v2.8.2-Linux-32Bit 908BA3B849C5E70C6AA46A19C154B62CC2F67E37
QuickHash-v2.8.2-Linux-64Bit 4CC8D6AFF12585CB0DFE49F79B3CC223EA6C2D3F
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