Version 3.0.1
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Create Date 19/02/2018
Last Updated 09/01/2019

A new version is available. See downloads page.

These are the DEBIAN packages of QuickHash v3.0.1, created kindly by my co-developer darealshinji. You can install QuickHash directly into your operating system using these packages with any Debian package manager (Synaptec, DPKG etc). 533499212449C574BDBD24A6BD4E97A409D72005

quickhash_3.0.1-1_amd64.deb 40E69F372737ACEA43A0EC45B9A187D0956AAF39

quickhash_3.0.1-1_i386.deb 226643ADCC62AB48F6583DB25B534FD6412F1E77