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/Quickhash v3.0.2 Apple OSX

Quickhash v3.0.2 Apple OSX

Version 3.0.2
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This is the new version of QuickHash-GUI v3.0.2 for Apple Mac OSX. It includes the user manual and an .app file. Download the zip file, copy the app file to your Desktop. Then check the hashes using openssl and the SHA1 digest (can't use SHA256 with openssl I don't believe) :

At the terminal, Example : openssl sha1 /PathToApp/QuickHash.app/Contents/MacOS/QuickHash

SHA1 Hashes should be:

127e6d11fef94f52e660c21258fc5a1a5b4b3a94 for the Quickhash-AppleOSX-v3.0.2.zip

1328d93df8cd85af6bc217f542146b47e0dfa2cb for the QuickHash.app/Contents/MacOS/QuickHash binary

A Code Signed copy can be purchased using PayPal and the SendOwl.com platform for £1.99 from the HERE.

When using either the signed or non-signed version, after download, in the security options of your Mac, you may need to allow execution of the program with it being downloaded from the Internet and not via the official Apple Mac App Store. So to avoid the message below, go to 'Security & Privacy' in OSX settings and click 'Open anyway' (or click shift key before clicking the app which may circumvent the restriction) and then 'Open' if you see this :

OSX warning about unsafe version

Override security warning in OSX

Lastly ensure you grant executable permissions to the binary after extracting :

> chmod +x /PathToApp/QuickHash.app/Contents/MacOS/QuickHash

Report bugs HERE

If you value the project, please consider donating HERE

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