Version 3.0.4
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File Type zip
Create Date 16/01/2019
Last Updated 08/09/2019

This version has been replaced by v3.1.0

This is the 32 and 64 bit versions of QuickHash-GUI v3.0.3 for Windows. It includes the PDF user manual, and both executables ready to use, along with SQLite DLL files. Extract all from the zip and simply click the one that suits your architecture.

Note: The the 64-bit version is architecture dependant. So you can only use the 64-bit version on 64-bit Windows operating systems. The 32-bit version will work on both.

This is not a digitally signed version. Code Signed copies can be purchased for £1.99 from this PAGE. To understand the benefits of code signed software and the added security comfort it offers, see this page.

See the hashes below for the unsigned copy of Quickhash and check on your own system once downloaded. Windows users have several other hashing tools they can use to check the hash of this download and even some websites will do it. Windows 10 users can use the built in powershell command Get-FileHash. The source code is also on GitHub (visit the Github page for the project via the menu at the top of the screen).

The zip file :

SHA1(Quickhash-Windows-Notsigned-v3.0.4)= 3d53c67a6e2daea0e9134d328d3bdd64336fb5a0

32 bit executable

SHA1(QuickHash-Windows-v3.0.4-x86.exe)= d5fc7e1b19726bae1692b6d1a9ca35564a4dd76d

64 bit executable

SHA1(QuickHash-Windows-v3.0.4-x64.exe)= 45978473fd8981602958ec846e059db806c193ae

Other files:

SHA1(UserManual.pdf)= a3ae912b9f9507c03c99cc912a85c5fe6c95271f

SHA1(sqlite3-win32.dll)= 4cb41af6d63a07324ef6b18b1a1f43ce94e25626

SHA1(sqlite3-win64.dll)= fd6a53989297676acbd6f921e3385fc2e7ea5f4e

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