I am proud to announce that the up-and-coming rising star Linux distribution of the moment….Parrot Security OS, now included QuickHash v2.7.0! One of the developers was very helpful in including it and I’m really very pleased. Getting a software tool into a mainstream Linux system is a big deal. Before Parrot, Quickhash was included in CAINE and DEFT, both of which are fine Linux distributions too. But no others had it, until now. This means you can simply launch the terminal in the distribution and just type ‘quickhash’ and there it will be.

Parrot Security OS is a great distribution for anyone with a security or investigative or ethical hacking mind-set. I highly recommend it as a supplementary tool to Kali Linux or as a standalone toolset. So how big is Parrot Security? Well, according to THIS ARTICLE, it is currently number 57 on the Linux distrowatch and is “the best distro for sysadmins”!! So that is quite an endorsement right there.

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