v2.7.0 was released 11th Dec 2016. Get it now at http://quickhash-gui.org/downloads for your platform.

Note that 2.7 means “quite a lot of new things”, like status bars, new disk hashing interface, big changes to “Compare Directories” tab and so on. You can and should therefore expect to see lots of 2.7.X releases in the coming weeks and months to address any irritating issues that may have sneaked in.

Windows 10 users note : you will be warned about running the program because I am an “unknown developer” by the standards of Microsoft, or moreover, I have not paid them to be on their list of OK guys. But the executable is safe. It is not a virus (despite one malicious person trying to distribute a malware infected exe on YouTube a few weeks ago!) and the hashes are detailed for you to check before execution.

As always, if you find this useful and wish to donate, and get your name\company listed in our donors hall of fame, please consider helping with the hosting costs of Quickhash at www.paypal.me/quickhash


Release Notes :


The “Compare Directories” now has a checkbox titled “Tabulate only encountered errors instead of all files (faster)?” to ask the user whether he wishes to tabulate only errors (hash mismatches or file count differences) rather than tabulating the entire folder selection of FolderA and FolderB. By not tabulating everything and instead only the few files that are different, lots of time is saved, making the program MUCH faster with large data volumes, and it is unnecessary to tabulate and log the comparisons of both folders if they are both the same anyway. If, in fact, the user wants a log of all the files and hashes of two given folders, he should use the “FileS” tab instead for this purpose (and as has always been the case). The save buttons are now disabled if no errors are detected, and enabled if there are errors. Unless the user unticks the “Tabulate only encountered errors instead of all files (faster)?” option, in which case everything is tabulated whether there are errors or not. Note, however, that with the option disabled, and if errors are encountered, there is likely to be two entries for a file with an error. One entry relating to it’s file listing and mere existence, and then another entry relating to either its hash mismatch or absence from the other directory.  For example, if MyFolderA\FileA.doc in in DirA, whereas in DirB it has a different hash, the user is likely to see:
1) an entry in GridA for for FileA.doc, and
2) an entry in DridB for FileA.doc, and then
3) a third entry in GridB relating to the hash mis-match, which does not match what it found for the hash value of FileA.doc in GridA.
Either way, the user can spot the mis-matched files by sorting the column. This will put the mis-matched entries to the top, or the bottom, together.

The “Compare Directories” tab displayed the filename value in the hash column and the hash value in the filename column! That was fixed.

Diskmodule (for hashing of physical disks) massively improved and based on my sister project YAFFI. Now the interface is much improved and easier to use. Included is the ability to query disk attributes by right clicking and choosing “View Technical Data”.

Uses clause for Disk Module implements a compiler directive to avoid the need to adjust comma positions when compiling on platforms that do not support the disk module, i.e. Linux and Apple Mac.

DiskModule unit updated for use with Freepascal 3.0. Before, any coders wanting to compile Quickhash would have struggled if using FPC 3.0 due to the changes in FwbemObject and specifically the call :

> while oEnum.Next(1, FWbemObject, nil) = 0 do

which needed to be changed. See comments in source code.

Program is now set to launch in centre of the “main screen” as defined by windows instead of “desktop centre” as with earlier versions. This means that in the case of multi screen systems, quickhash will not be split down the middle with half on one screen, half on the other. It will launch in the centre of whichever screen is the main one.

Changed website URL to the new website of http://quickhash-gui.org

Moved default copyright and title caption to alongside the website URL. It had been hidden, in error, by a form adjustment in previous versions.