v2.8.2 is about ready for release. I just need to get it compiled for all three platforms.

If you want to review the changes and the source code, head over to the Github page at https://github.com/tedsmith/quickhash. 

Of most significant note, though, is the addition of a main menu that includes some basic functionality and an about page, meaning more ‘about’ information such as the the homepage and donation link can go there, instead of on the main terface, which some users had a moan about with v2.8.1. Also of interest is if the user clicks an alternative hash algorithm from the default (of currently SHA-1), the same selection will be applied to all the other tabs, automatically. This is as a result of several requests to ensure that once the user chooses, say SHA256, that the selection remains as that selection throughout their session, even if they jump to other tabs.