I am pleased to announce the release of v3.0.2 of QuickHash for Windows, OSX and Linux. This is a maintenance release that addresses several bugs; one of which was quite important.

As reported HERE , a user pointed out that path lengths were being truncated over a certain length. He rightly thought it was due to the Windows MAX_PATH value, but in fact it affected all values over 128 characters. This was a bug introduced with v3.0.0 which had not been noticed as most users probably wouldn’t have been impacted by this. Nevertheless, there will be users who were.

It made no difference to whether the files were hashed or not. They were. But the resulting logs and display grids were being truncated for longer values due to an SQLite issue that I had not considered and was unaware of. Anyway, that is now hopefully resolved and in theory should be able to hold values up to 32K characters!

Other fixes include:

  1. Better string handling in SQLite dbases unit to ensure strings are not truncated
  2. Memory resources were not being freed when saving data to CSV. Now they are freed, technically speaking. I still need to work on memory management there though and spend some more time to improve it because I think some memory is still being retained until the application is closed.
  3. The file mask field in FileS tab caused the progress stats to be inaccurate, because they did not take account of the fitlered file total and instead would use the folder file count total. So if the user had 1000 files, of which 100 were *.doc files, if the user applied a file mask of ‘*.doc;’ it would only report 10% completion even though all 100 files had been analysed. That was fixed to ensure the progress is conducted based on the number of masked files, not the total number of files in the folder.
  4. The file mask field in Copy tab caused the progress stats to be inaccurate as well. That was fixed.
  5. The “List JUST sub-directories” and “List JUST sub-directories and files” had been disabled during the development of v3.0.0 by mistake. That was also fixed and now outputs the result to a text file. This is handy for users who just need to generate a log of the folder names or file names of a given folder without actually needing to hash them.
  6. The “Make UPPER” and “Make Lower” buttons in Text tab did not work properly on OSX (as in the has was not auto-recomputed for the new cases text). That was fixed.
  7. The “Switch case” tick box was made wider to avoid truncation.

As with v3.0.1, users can help cover the cost of the code-signing certificate I bought via Digicert by purchasing a code signed copy of QuickHash for Windows or OSX. Code signed software works more smoothly and avoids messages about being suspicious and so on. The cost is only £1.99  and is merely to help recoup costs. If you’d like a code signed copy for Windows CLICK HERE, or for OSX, CLICK HERE (managed by SendOwl.com) and use your PayPal account.

Alternatively, if you’d like to donate to the project costs, please CLICK HERE