v3.0.4 for Windows and OSX has been released this evening. I’ll try to get the Linux version ready in the next few days. I just need to get it compiled and get the Debian packages made by my co-developer.

Improvements are :

The ‘File’ tab was not showing automatically when using drag and drop. Now it does.

On Linux and OSX, the program will now automatically use default system wide SQLite libraries. This should reduce the risk of the program failing to load due to an SQLite file not being where it is expected to be.

Reverted the “hash matches expected hash” or “hash does not match expected hash” back to how it was before v.3.0.3. Users complained that it was more confusing in v3.0.3 than previous versions. I was trying to make it more obvious for a user who asked it to be so, but in turns out I just made things more confusing! So now it is back to the normal OK dialog and it just tells you if it matches or not. On Linux and OSX there is no green tick in the OK button but on Windows there is. I can’t control how those dialogs look very easily.