UPDATE : 3rd Feb 2018 : V3.0.1 is out now

So it’s only been 36 hours since releasing v3.0.0, and despite 4 months of development, some bugs are surfacing that I need to address for v3.0.1. My thanks to my collaborator DaRealShinji for bringing some to my attention, and also to some users who have done the same.

Firstly, there is an issue on OSX when trying to copy the grid content of the FileS tab to the clipboard. This is because it tries to create a temporary file in the root of where the program is running, and if this happens to be your OSX Applications folder, the permission is denied so it crashes the program. I’ll fix that in v3.0.1 by writing it to /tmp. In the meantyime, please just use the “Save to CSV” to achieve the same effect but direct to a text file you specify instead of clipboard.

Secondly, the SQLite database is better suited to /tmp for both OSX and Linux. /tmp exists by default and will keep it out of the way.

Thirdly, if the user cancels their file selection if the File tab, the user is shown an error message about a bad address. This should be handled more silently. There really no need for the error, as my collaborator has stated.

Fourthly, on Linux, the “Time elapsed” in the File tab is still showing incorrectly. I did fix that for Windows but seemingly overlooked it for Linux.

So there is 4 off the bat!

Also some users have asked whether the appearance of a file in the root of where QuickHash is running from is normal. It is – it is the SQLite database, named after the date and time you launch Quickhash. And it is deleted on closure and replaced with an XML file that attempts to save the position on the screen where you had QuickHash at the time you closed it. Users should not be alarmed.

As always, please report any bugs using the bug tracker. And please bear with me – remember v3.0.0 was a big change, so there’s bound to be more little niggles here and there over the previous maintenance releases of the v2 branch.