Last November I wrote (HERE) that I may have to cease developed QuickHash GUI for Apple OSX. The reasons why are in that article so I won’t repeat them. Suffice to say, I’ve received a good number of e-mails since asking me to try my best to make sure that doesn’t happen. It seems the program has a popular following on the OSX platform.

Well, I have good news. These past few evenings I have managed to compile a seemingly functional 64-bit version of the currently stable branch of QuickHash GUI which is v3.0.4, for OSX. It certainly looks good, and seems to function normally. This is a big step forward from Nov 2018 when about 80% of the problem was that the 64-bit version just wouldn’t work as it should on OSX.

I’ll shortly upload it for download from the “Unsigned Section” and perhaps users who are trying out the beta version of OSX Catalina could try it out and see if it works. The usual hurdles still apply to run it on OSX mind you, such as ensuring it is executable and you’ll have to tell the security settings of your OSX system to allow it to run because it won’t be signed by either an Apple certificate or even my usual code-signing certificate because that has since expired and I haven’t yet got round to buying a new one. And it should “just work” on Mojave and earlier OSX versions, except you won’t know get the “You should contact the developer about this 32-bit application” message anymore.