How important is code-signed software for you?

I need help from the QuickHash-GUI user base. In 2018, I launched a poll to try and determine how many of the users would want (and be willing to pay for) a code-signed version of the QuickHash-GUI executable. The poll suggested a significant percentage would, because they either worked in corporate IT where running unsigned software was tricky. Or they just valued code-signed software more than unsigned software. So, I bought a code signing certificate from DigiCert for $250 and made code-signed versions available to buy for £1.99. I made the money back, just, but not by a huge [...]

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Apple OSX Catalina 64-bit Enabled Version of QuickHash GUI…Coming Soon

Last November I wrote (HERE) that I may have to cease developed QuickHash GUI for Apple OSX. The reasons why are in that article so I won't repeat them. Suffice to say, I've received a good number of e-mails since asking me to try my best to make sure that doesn't happen. It seems the program has a popular following on the OSX platform. Well, I have good news. These past few evenings I have managed to compile a seemingly functional 64-bit version of the currently stable branch of QuickHash GUI which is v3.0.4, for OSX. It certainly looks [...]

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The last 18 months – lets analyse the usage stats

Development of Quickhash tends to be like buses. Nothing for a while, and then lots all at once. v2.8.4 was the last version prior to implementing SQlite. And it was a fairly stable release all-in-all and it pleased a lot of people; I got very few proper bug reports in that time, and instead most of the asks were feature requests. At the time of writing, about 150K people downloaded that version, and some people still continue to do so. It was the main download for about 145 days until v3.0.0 eventually made an appearance which included SQlite for [...]

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Do we need a 32 bit version still?

I have had v3.0.3 of Quickhash nearly ready for release for several weeks now, but the reason for the delays are twofold. One problem is Apple OSX, and it's enforcement of 64-bit applications, which are surprisingly harder to compile than you might think. 32-bit is easy, but 64-bit is a fiddle using Lazarus. On the other hand, 64-bit on Windows and Linux is easy. 32-bit is the fiddle with those two. As it stands, whenever I compile the latest version, I have to compile it for 54-bit using Linux and Windows 64-bit operating systems. Then I have to launch [...]

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I might drop support for Apple OSX

There is a GOOD NEWS update to this post HERE Apple OSX....the nightmare that is.... So, it is late in 2018. 7 years since I first started building QuickHash GUI for Linux users, to make it easier to hash files on that platform. A couple of years later came a version for Windows, and about 4 years ago, I also added OSX into the mix. And now, I am starting to wish I had never bothered with that last hurdle. OSX is, quite simply, a nightmare to develop on unless you use Xcode, and only Xcode, or [...]

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Reports of FileRepMetagen malware

I thought I had seen the end of this issue, but a user reported to me the other day that AVG was flagging QuickHash as being infected with FileRepMetagen malware. Thankfully the user contacted me and we established that the issue was a false positive with AVG. This is not uncommon and I have seen reports of even mainstream hardcore forensic tools sometimes being flagged, falsely, by AV software. I have no idea for sure how AV software works other than besides searching for know virus executables it also conducts heuristic scanning of files that MAY be suspicious based on [...]

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Minor version typo inside Windows executable

A user has notified me that I forgot to update the version number to 3.0.2. from 3.0.1 inside the Windows executable. So if you right click the exe and view the details, v3.0.2 will report to be v3.0.1. Don't worry! It's perfectly fine. I just forgot to increment the number when building. If the caption in the top title bar of the program says v3.0.2, it's v3.0.2.

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Important bug identified

Users are asked to be aware of a newly identified bug where, it transpires, the display grids of the FileS and Copy tabs are being truncated for the filename and/or path values are being truncated if the content exceeds 128 characters. It does not impact on the tools ability to find and hash files, but it does render some of the display output and saved CSV files as lacking full details. I have identified the problem and working on a fix. It will be corrected with v3.0.2 and I will try to get that released as soon as I [...]

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The “Code signed vs non-codesigned” poll

For a few months in 2017 I cast a poll to determine how interested users would be in a digitally codesigned version of Quickhash, in exchange for a small fee. In recent years, IT security has got serious! Especially with Apple Mac OSX, iPhones, and with the introduction of Windows 10 a couple of years ago. No longer can you just download and launch any program you like on a modern computer operating system. If you are able to launch it at all, even on a domestic computer, you often have to click several "Are you sure?" and "Are [...]

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v3.0.1 in the Making and an Update

UPDATE : 3rd Feb 2018 : V3.0.1 is out now So it's only been 36 hours since releasing v3.0.0, and despite 4 months of development, some bugs are surfacing that I need to address for v3.0.1. My thanks to my collaborator DaRealShinji for bringing some to my attention, and also to some users who have done the same. Firstly, there is an issue on OSX when trying to copy the grid content of the FileS tab to the clipboard. This is because it tries to create a temporary file in the root of where the program is running, and [...]

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